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“Professional athletes or every day persons – if you’re interested in excellence in your conditioning, these methods are your answer.” Terry Francona, former player and Manager of the 
2007 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox

“There is only one word to describe the results: ‘incredible.’ Bert’s knowledge [is] unsurpassed. Many “experts” wanted to use drastic measures to restore my mobility. Bert’s plan of stretching, weight training, rest and nutrition has me moving better than I have for 10 years.” 
Bill Wright, University of Arizona, Men’s Tennis Coach.

“Challenging, efficient, and rewarding… 2nd year the results were exponential.” Tom Waddell, 
Major League Baseball Player, second in ERA in 1984 to Willie Hernandez

“In a professional capacity, I have had the pleasure of referring patients to Bert for a variety of conditions. Primarily I have used his program for rehabilitation of my injury patients. I have also recommended his program to lawyers who deal in personal injury. I see his program as a great resource for anyone dealing within the medico-legal arena.” Gary A. Love, D.C., Board Certified

“I want to thank you for always being available to help… Now, if we could change the way our society deals with obesity (I.e., get everyone to take a few lessons from Bert,) we could make real progress!” Jerry Alexander, P.C., L.L.O.; won $1.25 billion litigation of Fen-Phen.

Over the past 37 years, Bert Seelman of Performance Fitness Systems, has had tens of thousands of clients. He has had thousands of letters testifying to their results following Bert’s programs. Whether his clients were trying to achieve weight loss, sustainable health and fitness, eliminating medications, or reversing disease, no one who has followed his instructions did not achieve their goals. More testimonials here. Video testimonials here.


Everyone needs to have some sort of circulatory stimulation at least every other day. Circulatory stimulation could be a minimum of 10 to 12 minutes of cardio-vascular work such as stepping up and down on a 5″ step, on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday. This should be done consistently and be slightly challenging! An individual may need to start this work slowly and increment their progression. This circulatory stimulus is important in that it moves oxygen and nutrients throughout the body for restoration.

Everyone should drink at least 4 quarts of purified water per day. Not distilled, just purified. (Average size adults anyone above 5′ in height + wt 98 lbs +, larger individuals should or may need more.) This amount is the minimum for health. Drinking 4 quarts of water may sound like a lot. However, it adds up to only 4 to 5 oz. every half hour of our waking hours. Water is essential to assist with exchange of intra-cellular and extra cellular fluids (cell respiration).

Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar has a live enzyme content called “mother.” It is excellent for helping digestion and assimilation for essential nutrients and important minerals in foods and supplements. This vinegar should be kept at room temperature and in the dark. Taking only 2-3 teaspoons of this vinegar in 3 to 4 oz. of water first thing in the morning can bring about many positive effects. 

Minerals make up 5% of the human body while vitamins make up less than 1/2 of 1%. Most everyone suffers from mineral deficiencies more than vitamins. Minerals also cause “every” cellular transference of nutrients within the body. A quality mineral complex should contain all essential minerals and a base of trace minerals. Usually these quality sources originate from ancient sea beds

Vitamins are essential to the working of all bodily processes within the body. A person might look at this as the building blocks in a building while vitamins are the mortar between the blocks. Due to genetically modified seeds, lack of essential and trace elements in our soils, incomplete chemical fertilizers, chemical insect sprays and much more, our foods have become void of many important vitamins. Therefore it is highly advisable that supplementation of added vitamins could be considered an insurance policy for our optimal health. Vitamins should be of a quality source and potency is not as important as is assimilation of the nutrients.

Complete protein is what our bodies are made of, not incomplete. Our hair, skin, muscles, organs, and blood are complete proteins. For our bodies to maintain and be repaired adequately to the full potential of health, we need adequate amounts of complete proteins. Self evidently having a little too much protein in our diet would do us much less negative effects than too many carbohydrates. With adequate amounts of complete protein we will maintain more lean muscle. Complete protein can be used to supply energy whereas carbohydrates, as incomplete proteins, will give us calories that may not help us to maintain our lean tissues but may add fat.

Fats are concentrated sources of energy. There are essential fats that help us to absorb fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K. The essential fats help with brain and nerve function. Unsaturated fats also assist in breaking down saturated fats within the body. If more fats were substituted for carbohydrates there would be less diabetes. An individual should be aware to keep fat consumption under control to avoid excessive fat gain especially when consumed with carbohydrates. Fats such as olive and safflower oils are essentials for health. Taking 1 tbsp. at lunch and dinner without heating is a good way to start to supply your essential fats

Exercise is the deciding factor of what “level of performance” you wish. Exercise is a stimulus, or stressor, to move your  “response mechanisms” into gear adapting to a higher level. However, exercise can be performed to just “maintain” a certain level of performance. Exercise is greatly misunderstood by almost everyone in that people think it causes health – when it is actually a triggering action for the body to promote stronger tissues and increased organ function to respond to its stress! If a person’s body is adequately prepared  then exercise will benefit them. If requirements are not met then exercise is an added stress causing unhealthful consequences. 

Carbohydrates both simple and complex are energy sources for the body. Diabetes today is rampant because of the “overuse” of different high carbohydrate foods being made to “taste even better” by adding sweeteners of high concentrations of sugars or carbs! This overuse of concentrated carbohydrates cannot be realized by just visualizing the portion size. If the actual caloric content per portion or serving size were more understood and controlled, much of the obesity seen would be curtailed, as well as a lot of diabetes. Vegetables are the best selection for health when someone wants carbohydrates. Vegetable, (meaning low glycemic index types), carbohydrates should be the preferred source if you were to consider not wanting to gain fat and yet gain some energy from them. Vegetables will often burn more calories being processed through the body to elimination than they provide. This means they actually work “for you” to help burn calories!