“The most important aspect of your work is the knowledge you gave me. Knowledge is power and the ability to change. My body learned a better way to be. To leave that learning is to move toward disease. Your program is not for everyone. It is only for those who take seriously their commitment to their own health and well-being. Otherwise, let them go to one of the many “feel-good” operators in “looking-good” health clubs who will all-too-willingly share their incomplete and often ill-informed version of the truth about what it means to be “in-condition.” They often do more harm than good. There is only one Performance Fitness Systems, Inc. It speaks to wellness. It speaks to balance. It speaks to hard-earned fitness.” 

T.B, co-founder and co-owner of Team Banks video producers of the 1998 Discovery Channel Eco-Challenge.


I’m writing to offer my unsolicited endorsement of Bert Seelman. I’ve been a practicing chiropractor for 20 years, involved primarily with musculoskeletal problems, sports injuries, etc. Bert has always been ahead of the curve with respect to his training methods and ideas. I’m constantly amused to read about the newest training breakthroughs and ideas about nutrition and athletic performance. They are invariably where Bert was 10-15 years ago. I’m confident if you want to know what the cutting edge of training principles and ideas will be in the next 10-15 years, all you have to do is ask Bert. More importantly, to know and work with Bert Seelman is to associate with an ethical, moral and passionate human being who brings not just his knowledge but his heart to his work. There are few who you will ever meet like Bert.” 

G.L, D.C., D.A.B.C.O.


“I am an endocrinologist in charge of the endocrinology teaching program… I have known Mr. Bert Seelman for over a year both professionally and personally. I have found his program (which includes weight training, cardiovascular exercise, dietary therapy, and nutritional supplements,) to be medically sound and extremely effective. He has worked in a professional manner with my patients with astounding results. One diabetic patient with concomitant obesity and hypertension was able to come off her insulin, oral agents, blood pressure medication, and diuretics with two months of starting his program. His knowledge of nutrition and weight training is superb. I have no hesitancy whatsoever about recommending him and his extremely effective program.” 

M.S.P, M.D.


“The past three years have been the most difficult and frustrating periods in my life when it should have been the most satisfying and rewarding. As a former Executive Director of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Tucson, I have seen our program grow from a 3,000 sq. ft. office to 15,000 sq. ft. with a recreation center and educational component. We can now provide hundreds of additional at-risk children new programs and opportunities that were only dreams three years ago. The growth had many obstacles and unexpected financial setbacks. Unfortunately, the same drive and determination that led to the completion of this project also led to my physical deterioration. If you had not been there as a mentor and consultant I would not have made it this far. The most astonishingtruly sad aspects are that I only permitted myself to accept part of what you were teaching. While a half dozen medical doctors were treating my symptoms no one was able to pinpoint the cause. Two years went by before they determined that I have a nerve disease as well as Post-Polio Syndrome. The basic treatment is exactly what you have been telling me for the past 30 months. I was also told that if I started treating this a couple of years ago my condition would not have deteriorated to this point and my prognosis would  be brighter. I was amazed that each time I saw a doctor they would tell me, in a clinical way, exactly what you were telling me in a simple common sense approach. You always explained it to me in such basic terms that it actually seemed too simple to be true. I thought It had to be more complicated and that I needed to have the many tests and evaluations that were prescribed. Your whole philosophy of balancing EXERCISE, NUTRITION and REST made sense to me but I felt that I could work through the fatigue and pain. I believed that by exercising and working extremely hard I could downplay the other components and maintain my physical strength and performance. I have never been the type to cut back or slow down. I actually felt guilty if I even considered slowing down. As I look back to 14 or 15 years ago, when you first helped me with the three orthopedic operations, I remember that you were telling me the same thing. If I had followed your advice in all three areas Instead of pushing the limits on exercising, going part way on the nutrition. and completely ignoring the recuperation, I would be writing a much different letter today. I would with the success of Big Brothers/Big Sisters feel the same good feelings about my health and my life. The goal Is to finally take the knowledge you have provided over the many years of our friendship and use it to gain back as much of my health as I can. You gave me the tools and the knowledge but I thought it was just TOO SIMPLE. I learned the hard way but at least I have learned. I hope that you can use this letter to show other “stubborn” diets that it really is that SIMPLE. You have the experience and the knowledge to help many people . However, your business is no different from mine. We can only help those people who are willing to listen and want to accept what we have to offer. You truly care about people and it Is important for you to continue educating us about how to treat our bodies in order for us to meet our goals of fitness and performance. Thank you for not giving up on me.”

 F.K. Past President Big Borthers/Big Sisters, Tucson, AZ


I am writing this letter to share with you what I would never have believed had it not been my own experience… I was grossly overweight and terribly afraid of another failure in that arena… I have been to Weight Watchers, Overeaters Anonymous, a plan similar to the Nutri-system/Jenny Craig plan where you buy your food, etc. I am now 42 years old; I have thus spent 25 years of my life in search of help for this problem. At 209 pounds and 5’5″ tall, and 44% body fat, I was embarrassed to show up, but Bert assured me that I was not the fattest human being to be seen in a gym, and that I would reach my goals if I would simply follow his plan. So I did, and the results have been amazing. In the past 7 weeks, I have only lost 20 pounds, but the change in my body is nothing less than miraculous. I began a size 24, no longer able to ignore the fact that the size 22’s were bulging. This week I bought a size 16 pant suit (not in the fat women’s section of the store), and it is too big for me 3 days later. I have lost 40 inches, and now see someone else’s legs in the mirror when I look at them. At this rate, I will be in a size 8 by Christmas! I have muscles where I never knew muscles went, and have an energy level beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. Most incredible of all, I am beginning to see my face in the mirror as the double chins and fat recede. I am walking proof that the system works, and works fast! I am grateful for having begun this process and look forward to a life of health thanks to PFS. This program is easy to follow, and I now know I will never be fat again.”  



“I have heard all too often the misconception that archers do not need to follow a specific diet. Simply put, if you want to achieve optimum performance your body needs to be functioning properly. This is what I was in search of – a nutrition and exercise program specific to my needs and Bert Seelman was introduced to me as the man who could do it. After the first two weeks of working out with him, I achieved noticeable improvement in my shooting strength. As all archers know, the one side of our bodies becomes more developed than the other, so we worked to counteract that. Again, I could actually feel the difference on the shooting line.” 

J.B, 1996 Olympic Archer


“Since beginning the program with Bert’s assistance and astute direction 5 weeks ago, my father has lost 29 lbs of fat! His total weight at this time is 199 lbs and he continues to lose. He has transformed not only his physical being but his spirit. He is a changed man! I love you Bert! On behalf of my entire family, we thank you, Bert, for your wonderful vision. Few individuals are as dedicated, devoted and passionate in what they believe in! Bert, I am so proud to be your client and friend and thank God for allowing our paths to cross.”  

A.L.R, M.D.


“My business career involved owning and operating a chain of tire and automobile service centers in Denver, Colorado and in Tucson, Arizona. I weighed 200 lbs. at 5’7″. I was in very poor condition. I had been through many programs to lose weight prior to hearing about Bert Seelman… Some of the methods I tried included Diet Center, Canyon Ranch Fitness Center, and a weight loss program… all of which were unsuccessful. Today, I weigh 165 lbs. and my measurements reflect the loss of inches expected from a 35 lb. weight loss. Bert’s program has taught me nutrition and fitness habits which will enable me to keep the weight off… I was so impressed with Bert that four months ago I entrusted my 12 year old son to his program. This was the most positive influence I have ever seen on my son. It not only changed his nutrition and physical exercise habits, but totally improved his attitude at school and home.” 

R.P, Business Owner


“There is only one word to describe the results, “incredible.” Bert’s knowledge of anatomy, physiology, muscle function (and malfunctions) and nutrition are unsurpassed. He is able to integrate all these areas into a program that produces. I have been a college tennis coach and teaching professional for over 35 years. The results of all those years on the courts did not paint a pretty picture – pretty stiff and sore. Many “experts” wanted to use drastic measures from scoping my knee to knee replacement to restore my mobility. Bert’s plan of stretching, weight training, rest, and nutrition has me moving better than I have for 10 years.”   

B.W, University of Arizona, Men’s Tennis Coach


“Going into the program I was terribly intimidated. I had never worked out, had never used weights, and have never even been into a gym. The first few weeks on the diet were hard, very hard. But as the weeks progressed I was more efficient at shopping, cooking and eating and things were not so bad. So to make a long story short, here I am 20 months later and the difference your program has made in my life is profound. Not only the 83 lbs. lost, but the knowledge gained about health, nutrition, and my body. I learned to use my resting heart rate (which went from 69 to 40 beats per minute) to judge the health of my body… Most importantly I have learned these things at a time when my children are 6 and 8 years old and I use this knowledge to make their lives better and they will never have to be 100 pounds overweight and unhealthy. For this I thank you the most, Bert!” 



“I am writing to thank you for the support you gave me with my diet and training program for the Portland Marathon. It is hard to believe the impact your program had on my conditioning. I had been training for about 3 months for my first marathon when my dad told me about the results he had achieved on your program and suggested that I speak with you… Well, I am here to tell you that by following this program, and staying motivated, I not only completed the marathon but finished nearly an hour ahead of my training partners. As if that weren’t good enough, I also lost 2 dress sizes!” 



“I am an extreme “Type A” personality and do everything in excess. Before I started your program, I was working past midnight on a regular basis, exercising 2 1/2 to 3 hours a day, socially drinking 4-5 nights a week and starving myself all day so I could eat my gourmet restaurant dinners at night. I was exhausted all the time but kept pushing through the fatigue because I was driven to get everything done, even at the expense of my health. Then I started to have health problems… After the first 2 weeks, my heart rate went down from 63 beats per minute to 42 beats per minute and after 8 weeks I went from a size 6 to a size 4 – I have to do some serious shopping! I accomplished more in 12 weeks on your program than I’ve accomplished in the past 15 years on my own. As a result of your nutrition and exercise program, I have tons of energy that I never had before. I’ve built up my strength but leaned down my body and have overall balance in my life… Today, overall health is the best it’s been in a long time! Results really ARE proof!”



“It’s been over almost three years since I began training with Bert at Performance Fitness. When I started I had planned to get ready for one specific sheep hunt in the mountains of Colorado. My job takes me to some pretty amazing places around the world, and I get to follow some of the best bow-hunters in the world with a camera. That means I have to carry a lot of heavy equipment in difficult terrain, and I have to get a variety of angles of long hikes, climbing mountains, rafting down rivers, etc. So when this sheep hunt came along I knew I would have to be in the best shape of my life, and I only had six weeks to do it. For us to be successful, the hunter John May and I, both decided to train with Bert. In the first month alone I dropped 26 pounds of fat and gained 20 pounds of muscle. By the time the hunt rolled around John and I were ready. We were able to hike for hours through the mountains – often times exceeding 12,000 feet, and we hardly even noticed the effects of the altitude. John harvested a ram that scored number six in the record book, and the footage we attained has been some of the best in our library and was used on national television as well. I’ve witnessed a lot of individuals come through the door at Performance Fitness with a variety of aspirations. I have seen athletes that want to reach new highs, people with severe rehabilitations or diseases, extremely obese people wanting to commit to a change, and more in the gym. Without fail, those that have set their preconceived notions aside have succeeded. Getting results is never easy but Bert has fashioned a program that can fit within your life if you are willing to listen. I would have never imagined that workouts lasting less than twenty minutes (with 20 minutes of cardio following) could be so intense. I never would have believed you could lose weight and have trouble eating all of your portions. Bert’s program takes all of the standard ‘rules’ and destroys them. And you have to understand one thing. Bert will care more about your results than you do. He will make sure you get to where you want to be.” 

E.S. Video Productions Manager


“During the past year I have had the great pleasure of gaining a new friend. Bert Seelman of Performance Fitness Systems has opened my eyes to physical fitness. He has without a doubt changed my mind. I had to resist the temptation of trying to do it my way. I stayed open minded and committed to Bert’s plan. It worked, and it worked fast! Within 4 weeks my body fat went from 9% down to 5.7%. My resting heart rate went from 56 down to 39. On my record training day I moved nearly 30,000 lbs. and climbed over 1,600 vertical feet in less that 20 minutes! This kind of performance would not have been possible without Bert’s supreme knowledge and experience. At first it was very hard for me to understand how I could eat more and work out less and still achieve a higher level of physical fitness. I have learned much about nutrition, cell regeneration, and proper training techniques. I am more confident in pursuing my hobbies and in my career. The rewards have been exponential! A special thanks goes to Bert for believing in me.” –\



“I cannot express enough thanks for helping me change my life. Just five months ago I came to you with painful circulation problems in my legs. When I began to tell you the extent of my problems I was welcomed with a smile and the words, “I can help you!”…When I first came to see you, I was working as a restaurant manager anywhere form 50 to 60 hours a week. Little did I know I was on the expressway to my final death… I had reached a state of fatigue that was beyond a day-to-day recovery rate… My legs and feet would tingle and go numb from the pressure the water retention would put on my nervous system… I could not bend at the knee because the lack of circulation would make me black out… At the end of my day, I would hobble to my car after 14 hours of work, get in and drive home… Then I would pull into my garage and have to sit there for several minutes rubbing and stimulating the blood throughout my legs just so I could stand up. The pain brought tears to my eyes several times. To think here I am a former athletic trainer and aerobics instructor, 26 years old and I can’t even get out of my car after a hard day’s work. I was sent to a neurologist and then to a dermatologist. They wanted to cover my problems with lasers and saline injections. You helped me get on a diet that changed my whole sense of wellness… I have retrained my body with different eating habits, sleeping habits, and working habits. With my new habits and the workout you formulated just for me, we were able to eliminate swelling right away, lighten the appearance of veins, increase circulation, balance the strength in my legs, and heck, I even lost 15 pounds… My legs have not swollen since I have been on your program, and for the first time in two years I have been wearing shorts and short skirts… Thank you for sharing your gift with me and for changing my life.” 



“I just wanted to thank you for helping me to get my cholesterol and blood pressure back to a normal level! My cholesterol was up to 269 and my physician placed me on a cholesterol blocker as well as a diuretic to lower my blood pressure. After being on medication for two months, a blood test showed that my liver enzymes were up… After 5 weeks, I went back for another blood test and my CHOLESTEROL WAS DOWN to 166 and my BLOOD PRESSURE and LIVER ENZYMES were perfectly NORMAL! Not only that, I LOST WEIGHT and DROPPED A DRESS SIZE as an added bonus!” 



“While I was editor/publisher of Arizona Fitness Magazine in Tucson Arizona, Bert Seelman’s performance Athletics training program came to my attention. Bert came to my attention through other bodybuilders who had watched him train and felt his methods could not achieve results since he didn’t insist his people train for long hours day after day… Sensing a good story, we approached Bert and told him that if his program was as different and effective as he made it out to be, we would write him up in the magazine. On the other hand, if his method proved little different from the others, we would expose him. I had been training with another bodybuilder for about six months with no perceptible improvements, so I decided to join Bert’s program of intense quality training rather than quantity training. After three weeks of strenuous workouts under Bert’s careful direction, I lost 27 pounds and achieved a noticeable increase in strength and muscle tone… It was a relief and revelation to find a trainer who didn’t insist on hours and hours of training, but could do more for you in just a few hours of intense workouts. Businessmen and professionals who have little time available have been particularly elated with the results from Bert’s training and diet program.”

 J.V, Video Productions


“Three years ago, while living in Seattle, I heard of a health resort in Tucson called Canyon Ranch. I decided to try it because at thirty pounds overweight, I felt I had to do something since I could not get there on my own. I stayed there for two weeks, lost about 10 pounds… Over the following two and half years, I returned to Canyon Ranch twice and got about the same results while I always gained the weight back when I returned home. Ironically, I moved to Tucson and still had a weight problem when I heard about Bert Seelman… I decided to give it a try. I lost 31 pounds in 5 weeks, I tripled my strength level, and I feel terrific… I would not hesitate to go back on the program and would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose their excess weight once and for all. Thank you Bert.”



“Being the stubborn Irishman that I am, I was hesitant to seek help after having a torn right rotator cuff repaired back in January of this year. My doctor had me in a sling for 6 weeks post-op and only after the 7th week was I supposed to start moving my arm. Let’s just say that was no easy task, however I was determined to get things back to normal. I was determined to get things better than normal! Although, according to the doctor, I was progressing at a faster than normal rate, I wasn’t satisfied. I’m a very active 43-year-old, and not being able to do the things I love was really beginning to take its toll. I had always been into spending time in the gym three days a week and each time I looked in the mirror and saw my right shoulder severely atrophied (actually my whole right upper body), I knew I had to do something to get back to some sort of fitness program. I consulted with my doctor who stated that a light weight training routing (machines only) would be acceptable. This is a good start I thought, but my mobility just wasn’t coming along. Being associated with PSE (Precision Shooting Equipment), and knowing some of the most avid/successful archers in the country, the word was out that the person I needed to see was Bert Seelman. After my initial consultation I was sold. In April I began my 12-week “Performance Fitness” program. It was the beginning of a love/hate relationship.

“The first month was essentially just helping me get my mobility back via a lot of stretching and minimal weight training. The machines Bert employs are great for rehab work and getting back your range of motion. Even though I have been into weight training for the better part of two decades, I had come to realize I knew nothing. My typical workout would be about an hour and a half. Now I was working the entire body from head to toe in less than 20 minutes with another 21 minutes of cardio at the end. In actuality it was a full 40 minutes of cardio because of the technique utilized.

“Bert calls it a metabolic workout. All I know is that the results were phenomenal. My resting heart rate went from the mid 70’s to the low 60’s in less than 2 months. Body fat went from 23% to 12% in 5 weeks. Although I only lost 5 net ponds, I had actually gained 22 lbs. of lean muscle. Friends and associates would look at me and think I lost 10 to 15 lbs. I lost 5 lbs. on the scale but the transformation was incredible. Of course there is a lot more than the resistance training and cardio that is involved. The diet is probably the most integral part. I’ve never eaten so much food, good food. It’s a total fitness program that when followed will yield awesome results. I’m in the best shape of my life right now. In fact my wife who followed my lead on the diet portion lost 10 lbs. without even trying.

“Just recently I returned from an archery elk hunt in the White Mountains of Arizona. We were camped at 7,500 ft altitude and hunted up to 9,000. Typically at this altitude it takes a few days to get acclimated, however, I never felt so good (even though I was on the tail end of severe head cold), and after the second day I knew that I could only be successful. Enclosed is a photo of my best Bull yet. Thanks Bert for changing my way of thinking. Thanks for changing my life. I feel that I have not only gained knowledge in the way to a healthier life, I have gained a friend. When are we going hunting?”



“Bert, I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You. We began our journey together at the end of May, 2002 and the results to date have completely changed my life. You have taught how to make optimal use of my workout time and more importantly to pay attention to what my body has to say. Enthusiasm and support are essential to be successful in any new endeavor. Your attitude toward your profession and genuine concern regarding my success is truly amazing. The support and motivation you provided made me truly believe failure was not an option. I have always been a rather self-motivated individual, but what we have been able to accomplish so far has more than exceeded my highest expectations. The amazing thing about our relationship thus far is that we have never met. All of the successes we have shared have been done via telephone conversations. That simple fact says a lot about you and your program. I have learned many things over the course of our many conversations, but more importantly I gained a new friend in the process.

“The best proof of success in your program lies in the results. I have lost 51 lbs and increased my strength to levels I didn’t think were possible. I have gained a new understanding regarding my personal limits, the fact there aren’t any. As a result, I am able to push myself to extreme levels and require very little recovery time. I am now able to get more out of a 21 minute weight workout than I used to get after spending a couple of hours in the gym. I am full of energy and more prepared to take on the many challenges presented by the fast-paced environment of my profession.

“The best test of my physical conditioning and overall wellness came this past September. As you know, I had an archery elk hunt in Colorado at elevations between 7,000 and 9,000 feet and the results were exceptional. I previously rifle hunted the area and, after spending every day of my life at sea level, experienced great difficulty dealing with the altitude and elevation change. This time was a totally different story. I quickly adjusted to the thin air and was able to catch my “second wind” much quicker. I was able to hunt effectively all day and several times amazed my guide with my ability to “stay on his heels” when we were on the move. It is worth noting that I used the same guide for both hunts, so he was familiar with my abilities both before and after time spent working with you. As this was my first ever archery hunt for elk, it was nice to only have to worry about concentrating on the shot and not about my physical limitations. Take a look at my first elk with a bow, or should I say ‘OUR’ first elk with a bow.” –



“I have been working out with Bert Seelman using the Performance Fitness program since last August. The truly amazing result of this is that for the first time in my life (over 50 years), I am involved in a program that really works… A side benefit has been that my skin looks about 10 years younger, (I have been accused of having a face lift!!!), my energy is greatly increased, and the psoriasis that I have been battling for about four years has all completely resolved itself.” 

H.B, R.N., M.S.W.


“Before I began working with Bert, I had been recovering from a debilitating chronic lung infection that had kept me bedridden for almost nine months. After which time, I spent approximately six months losing weight and just “getting around.” I tried to regain my strength on my own but I could not make any progress and became progressively more discouraged. Then I remembered a friend had told me about Bert and I thought I would try working with him. The results were almost immediate, and rewarding. The thing that is especially important is that I do not have to spend an enormous amount of time in the gym, which as a business man I simply cannot do, and further I have been able to allow time for the recreational activities that I had to eliminate when I was training on my own. I can say that within 4 months with Bert I was back to the level of health that I had when I was a marathoner before my illness.” 


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